A vacation rental experience that is beyond expectation.

Less hassle, more options

With one quick conversation our agents will take over the legwork.Let us do the legwork and leverage our resources to find the perfect place for your next vacation!

Find the perfect rental

Browse thousands of vacation properties offering first-rate amenities you’ll love. You can expect each property to be professionally cleaned, well-appointed, and ready for you to enjoy.

Book with confidence

You can be confident when selecting the perfect vacation rental. Our booking calendars are always up-to-date, our payment process is seamless, and our cancellation policy is crystal clear.

Come and go as you like

You’ll be able to come and go as you please for the duration of your stay.

Create lasting memories

Family vacations create memories that last for decades, are shared across generations and bring a family and friends closer together!

Select the amenities you want

You can choose the place you want to stay based on amenities that best suit your needs -- e.g., pool, in-room kitchen, proximity to golf courses or access to the beach.

Traveler Favorites

Rental Advisor is located in 6 states in the western US including Hawaii, and we're adding more every day.


What Our Customers Say About Us

"We have been very pleased with the service Rental Advisor has provided. Being new to the rental business and having a property out of town, they helped in every step from getting started setting up the property, advertising, finding a quality care taker and handling everything. They have exceed our expectation in their personal service as well as keeping the property rented regularly."
Susan M.
Flagstaff, Az