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Do you work with real estate investors? Are you looking to get more exposure for properties you are selling?

Realtors work every day with people looking to buy or sell real estate and our realtor program is designed to help them accomplish this goal. We believe that by developing relationships of trust we can be of mutual benefit to one another as we grow our businesses.

Whether you are working with a buyer, seller or a management situation, it is very important for a realtor to be aware of the many opportunities and pitfalls in the vacation rental marketplace.

Our program is designed to help realtors close more deals and grow their businesses by providing them with a friend in the vacation rental industry.  

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Help For Buyers / Investors

Many buyers are unaware of the opportunities in the vacation rental industry. Using real data from actual vacation rental properties in your market, we provide you and/or your buyers with education and resources so they can more clearly understand the vacation rental opportunities in your market as well as any pitfalls.

As buyers become more able to differentiate between good and poor opportunities in the vacation rental market, the result is more motivated/decisive buyers that are willing to close the deal.

Help For Sellers

Would you like access to hundreds of property owners and investors for a property you are wanting to sell? We can help. We work with you to help you understand what properties in your market are lucrative vacation rental opportunities and which ones are not.

When working with a property that you believe would make a great vacation rental, we will help you find buyers. We love nothing more than having one of our owners or investors purchase a successful vacation rental property that can be added to our inventory.

Help With Management

Running a vacation rental is very different than running a traditional rental property. It is much more intensive and hands-on, because you are essentially running a mini hotel.

However, this is the heart and soul of what we do and what we specialize in. For realtors who don’t do vacation rental management or who think they might have a property that could to convert into a lucrative vacation rental, we offer special incentives if your referral results in a full service vacation rental management contract. Contact us to learn more about this.

Help For
Existing Managers

For managers who currently handle vacation rental properties, we would love to help you fill those calendar gaps and maximize your revenue. We work with thousands of travelers every year and would love to expose your property to them. Click the link below to learn more about our host program and how it can help you get additional reservations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Its free. We offer this as a free service because it gives us the opportunity to rub shoulders with people getting into the vacation rental market. Normally this results in us either landing a new management contract or simply expands our vacation rental owner network.

Rental Advisor has been doing this since 2008. We have worked with various luxurious homes that have hosted celebrities like Dianna Ross, Heidi Klum, Florida Georgia Line and Jessica Simpson. If you would like to speak with any of our happy owners just ask and we will provide references.

The Vacation Rental industry has now entered the 21st century. Not only do we have extensive data on our own rentals to draw from, Airbnb and other vacation rental services now track the occupancy and revenue rates of millions of properties all over the world. That data is then packaged and sold.

We have access to this data and can help you use it to see how a given property is doing in a given market. You show us any of the millions of listings on Airbnb, and we can tell you how much revenue it did last year!


In this business we have found it’s all about trust. People give management of their homes to the people they trust. By working with realtors/ vacation rental owners very early in the process we build relationships of trust that end up benefiting us in the long run. 


If any of our services are of interest please contact us. We would love to discuss in more detail your situation so we can decide what resources and tools would be best to help you accomplish your goals.


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